Clouds Version 2016

The natural depiction of clouds

This post shows different video excerpts and images of 3D renderings of clouds. Brice 4.0 (1999) was one of the first computer programs which could depict quite realistic cloud formations and had the best aerial perspective at that time and on top animation capabilities.

uetlibergÜetliberg im Januar, (2000, 100 x 73 cm, C-Print) with Bryce 4.0 (Kunstkredit Collection, City of Basel)

The animated version of the stillframe above for The View Where I’m Sitting (by the Window) – excerpt, 2 – channel installation, 2000
To put even more ralism into these animations and to conceal the flat appearance of 3 D renderings (1999), I used motion shake and film grain and vignette technique for this clips

The View Where I’m Sitting (by the Window) – excerpt, 2 – channel installation, 2000
Other programs like Vue 6.0 had also animation and volumetric rendering possibilities but could not match the photorealistic qualities of Brye from the same period.

clouds_vue_4Test: Clouds rendered in Vue 6.0 (2006)

dsc_1031Cloud rendered in Terragen 3.4 for the two channel video-installation Clouds of the Second Kind, 2015, (Kunstkredit Collection, City of Basel)

Clouds of the Second Kind, 2016 (excerpt of one video channel)

Test: Cloud rendered in Terragen 4 (End 2016)
The advancement in computer technology allowed to implement an even higher realistic atmospheric model with multi scattering effects (Rayleigh and Mie and Planetsides ozone) into Terragen 4